How to create a paid course and get paid

Maksim Mamchur

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In order for your course to be paid, when creating it, you need to select the appropriate option and specify the price for the entire course, individual lessons and modules. When specifying the price, remember that you will receive 82% of this amount and that 1St is equivalent to 1 USD.

Immediately after the student purchases the course, the funds will be credited to your balance, which can be seen in your profile under the profile picture:

To receive payments, you need to open the requisites tab in your profile:

And add the email of your PayPal wallet:

Funds will be sent to your wallet within 5 business days after your balance exceeds 100 St = 100 USD if you sell recorded courses. If you are doing live lessons and the date of the lessons is later than the purchase date, the funds may be held on your balance until the lessons are done.

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